I had a blast producing this video for the Plaza Beach Resorts in St. Pete Beach.  We tagged along as guests went parasailing, jumping down slides and riding giant tricycles. It’s always my goal to Capture the JOY. Check it out:

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IMG_4572What does JOY look like to You? Tangerine Popsicle Productions is hosting our 2nd Annual Summertime JOY Campaign: #CaptureYourJoy on Pinterest.


CLICK HERE to see all the joy-filled pics and videos on Pinterest!  

I started this campaign to spread JOY in hopes of giving you a Sunshine Break: A moment to brighten up an otherwise average day! Plus, smiling can reduce stress, boost your immune system & cause others to smile back. It’s also a great way to find new locations & fresh ideas for your next vacation. But until then, let’s take a minute to journey through a sea of joy & ponder the impact. Warning: your smile may influence others. THANK U FOR SHARING YOUR JOY!




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